Architecture of MeFoto RoadTrip & GlobeTrotter Tripods


Colorful tripods are becoming more and more popular in these few years, as it looks more trendy and stylish comparing to the traditional black colors.

MeFoto tripods are one of the most successful brand in the category. On top of the wide color selections, the tripods are also very sturdy and versatile: They get 8kg (RoadTrip) / 12kg (GlobeTrotter) loading capacity, as well as monopod conversion capability. We will do a simple introduction for the MeFoto RoadTrip and GlobeTrotter series Tripods in this blog post.

Let’s go more in-depth, here we use GlobeTrotter A2350Q2 Blue Color Version for the demonstration.

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Security Mechanism of Benro Ball Heads


Recently some buyers ask us about the new security mechanism of the Benro ball heads (specifically B, V and G series)… “Hey, I can’t release the QR plate from the ball head, the knob stopped loosening at halfway with only click sounds! Is it malfunctioning? Or is there any trick to make it open?”

Certainly it’s not malfunctioning. It’s actually the new Security Lock Design of the Benro ball heads, which was designed to prevent accidental dropping of the mounted equipment.

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Architecture of MeFoto BackPacker Tripod

MeFoto BackPacker is a portable and stylish tripod, best suitable to use with mirrorless or compact cameras.

  • When folded, it only weights 2.6 lb (1.18kg) and 12.6 inch (32cm).
  • When opened, it’s in 51.2 inch (1.3m) maximum height and 8.8 lb (4kg) maximum load

Not too large and not too slim – suitable for walk-around using. That’s why it’s called BackPacker.

The tripod series comes with 12 color options, here we use the red version for demonstration.

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Review of Benro A1573FS2 Video Tripod Kit


The Benro S series video tripods are innovative: on top of the basic front-rear tilting and 360˚ panning abilities, the tripod has a LEVELING CENTER COLUMN which allows user to level the tripod head effortlessly, even in uneven terrains, like the following photo (you could see that the tripod and center column are heavily inclined, but the video head and the camcorder are still in level position):



From the viewpoint of photography, the leveling function may not be very attractive, as it can simply be achieved by a ball head. But for video shooting, it’s another story, the leveling center column really helps. Because most of the video heads (I mean amateur or consumer levels) usually only get the tilting and panning abilities, but not the leveling function. Therefore, the leveling center column greatly helps video shooters in uneven grounds.
Besides, other than the video head, the center column can also work with other kind of heads for different usages, for example Panorama Shooting. We will demonstrate how it works in the coming section.

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Architecture of Benro Travel Angel II Tripods


The Travel Angel series is one of the best selling products of Benro, users buy for its short and portable size, as well as its high loading capacity. Here we get the new generation of Travel Angel Tripod, Benro calls it Travel Angel II.

The Travel Angel II is the advanced version from the first generation Travel Angel: in addition to the short folded length property, these features had been added:

  • Advanced Monopod Conversion Capability (with much longer max. height than the previous version)
  • Trekking Pole Conversion Ability

Let’s go more in-depth, here we use C1692TB0 for the demonstration.

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