Architecture of MeFoto RoadTrip & GlobeTrotter Tripods


Colorful tripods are becoming more and more popular in these few years, as it looks more trendy and stylish comparing to the traditional black colors.

MeFoto tripods are one of the most successful brand in the category. On top of the wide color selections, the tripods are also very sturdy and versatile: They get 8kg (RoadTrip) / 12kg (GlobeTrotter) loading capacity, as well as monopod conversion capability. We will do a simple introduction for the MeFoto RoadTrip and GlobeTrotter series Tripods in this blog post.

Let’s go more in-depth, here we use GlobeTrotter A2350Q2 Blue Color Version for the demonstration.

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Architecture of MeFoto BackPacker Tripod

MeFoto BackPacker is a portable and stylish tripod, best suitable to use with mirrorless or compact cameras.

  • When folded, it only weights 2.6 lb (1.18kg) and 12.6 inch (32cm).
  • When opened, it’s in 51.2 inch (1.3m) maximum height and 8.8 lb (4kg) maximum load

Not too large and not too slim – suitable for walk-around using. That’s why it’s called BackPacker.

The tripod series comes with 12 color options, here we use the red version for demonstration.

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