Review of Benro A1573FS2 Video Tripod Kit


The Benro S series video tripods are innovative: on top of the basic front-rear tilting and 360˚ panning abilities, the tripod has a LEVELING CENTER COLUMN which allows user to level the tripod head effortlessly, even in uneven terrains, like the following photo (you could see that the tripod and center column are heavily inclined, but the video head and the camcorder are still in level position):



From the viewpoint of photography, the leveling function may not be very attractive, as it can simply be achieved by a ball head. But for video shooting, it’s another story, the leveling center column really helps. Because most of the video heads (I mean amateur or consumer levels) usually only get the tilting and panning abilities, but not the leveling function. Therefore, the leveling center column greatly helps video shooters in uneven grounds.
Besides, other than the video head, the center column can also work with other kind of heads for different usages, for example Panorama Shooting. We will demonstrate how it works in the coming section.

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